VAV Magazine - 2019/2: Blue

VAV Magazine - 2019/2: Blue

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A Scandinavian weaving magazine which travels the world and explores weaving techniques, traditions and innovations. Intriguingly unique but exquisitely produced, Vav magazine is dedicated to the world of Scandinavian weaving, and is the English edition of the most widely read textile and weaving magazine in Scandinavia. 

Each issue contains up to 10 complete weaving projects which include instructions, drafts and photographs. The weaving articles feature eminent weavers and samples of their work, traditional and experimental weaving techniques, and exhibition reviews. There are also useful features such as how to warp your loom, sley the reed, and use temples.

Published quarterly, this lovely magazine offers an excellent balance between articles about weaving and projects to try out yourself. The articles are well written, including features on famous weavers, weaving itself, weaving groups and weaving history. The second half of the magazine covers projects for every level of ability, whether this might be weaving a jacket, curtains or a rug. These are thoroughly described, and the magazine is filled throughout with some lovely photography.

Content in 2019-2: Blue

8 Textile Art Forward March
12 Inspiration in Play
15 Checks and Directions – A Balancing Act
16 Living the Dream
19 Patterns of Life
20 Indigo and Blue Dyeing During the
Industrial Revolution
24 Sustainability in Practice
27 Wondrous Blue: Handwoven
28 Kogin-Sashi
29 Kurume-Kasuri
30 Soft Engineering – Textiles Taking Shape
31 Co-Responsive Work
32 Threads of Life
35 Textilfest in Västerbotten
36 Heritage Meets the Future
37 Both Sides of The Miró Tapestry on Show

Regular Features
5 Editorial
6 Textile News
66 Calendar
67 Read
68 Book Shelf
69 Orders
70 Next Issue

Drafts and Projects
38 Taqueté Pick-Up
40 Taqueté With Entered Warp
42 Weave School: Shaft-Switching
44 Taqueté With the Aid of Shaft-Switching
46 Blue-White in Rug Wool and Rug Linen
48 Weave and Sew Your Own Pouch
50 Indigo Blue Stripe Ring Sling
52 Clad in Indigo Blue
54 Striped and Checked Handtowels
56 For Using Wet and Dry
58 Blue Rug With “Rosy” Stripes
60 Rosepath And Stripes

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